All4Pets covers the following counties in New York State: Monroe, Livingston, Genesee, Wyoming, Erie, Niagara and Orleans.

All4Pets is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation.

We are in the process of raising funds to become a tax exempt charity, at which time all donations will become tax deductible. Until then you will have the satisfaction of giving a gift that will save lives. We are grateful for every donation.

I would like to Thank all you ANGELS at all4petswny for saving my daughter Venus. No words can ever descirbe what your organization has done for our family and Venus.

Recently Venus a 10 yr. old Bolio Pitbull was diagnosed with pyometra and a large mammary tumor. We started her on some antibiotics hoping that she wouldn't get a infection. But within two day Venus started to turn for the worst we received blood work back to find out that the pyometra has now started to infected her blood with the Ecoli bacteria. The Vet said she would need a surgery ASAP or she will go into toxic shock or worst.. pass away! I didn't know what to do ! I couldn't afford the full cost of the surgery at the time.That same day I began to reach out to anyone that was willing to listen to my cry for help to save Venus. I went on the Lollypop Farm website an began to go through all the links and that's where I found I sent some information to the organization (Angels) regarding Venus's problem and with out any hesitation the following day I received a call from a Angel named Jeanne stating that all4petswny is willing to help with the cost of the surgery to save Venus' life. She went through the surgery and came out back to her normal barking, playfull,eating every bowl of food self!

Jeanne was wonderful and truly caring calling to check on how Venus was doing before and after her surgery.There are not enough THANK YOU'S IN THE WORLD... that can explain the help from a complete stranger and wonderful organization God Bless all the people who donate to the organization you are truly saving LIFE's and FAMILY's.

xoxoxo LOVE YOU ALL xoxox
Venus & The Overton Family