All4Pets covers the following counties in New York State: Monroe, Livingston, Genesee, Wyoming, Erie, Niagara and Orleans.

All4Pets is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation.

We are in the process of raising funds to become a tax exempt charity, at which time all donations will become tax deductible. Until then you will have the satisfaction of giving a gift that will save lives. We are grateful for every donation.

Hey Robyn sorry it took me a lil longer 2 send u this email than I would have liked so this is jade she turned 2 on august 13 2010 its kinda a weird story ....some people across the street from me had a bunch and they were movin & couldn't take her my boyfriend & my son really wanted a dog I on the other hand did not! My boyfriend comes in the house and out of the blue says come here you have to see this & I'm like what no no no you have to come see for yourself ha ha ha jokes on me he knows once I see her I'm gonna love her & here comes this guy outta his house with her she was already 3months old and she came right to me and actually put her paws around my shoulders and hugged me! I'm sold! Jade eats everything!!!!! And this time she ate my rug and the rug faught back! I love jade and I have no words good enough to describe what ur organization has done for her she and I are forever greatful and I hope to spread your website around my whole building in hopes of getting some donations sent your way:-) if it weren't for people like you a lot of people would not have a companion that thinks there the best ever! Thanks soooooooo much.
Mia, Markeith & Jade